What To Do If You Get Involved In A Car Accident

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California is one of the most populous states in the country. It also has an incredible number of cars on its roads. It should come as no surprise that there is a massive amount of vehicle collisions in the state every year. The causes vary from wet weather to drunk driving. Those at fault could face severe penalties depending on the extent of the damage and circumstances surrounding the accident. Whatever happens, all the parties involved must get their own lawyer to help them navigate the legal process. Locals should call a Sacramento car accident lawyer to sue for damages or protect themselves against charges.

California DUI Defined

After an accident, the police must be called in to conduct an investigation and file a report.
They may ask both parties to get tested for alcohol consumption if they sense that drunk driving was involved. Those who test higher than their respective limits will automatically be charged with DUI which will aggravate their case. People are also prohibited to drive after taking drugs that could impair their senses. They will also be held liable for the damages than their respective limits will automatically be charged with DUI which will aggravate their case. People are also prohibited to drive after taking drugs that could impair their senses. They will also be held liable for the damages incurred by the victims.

Test Refusal

It is not advisable for motorists to refuse a chemical test when pulled over by an officer or when asked to at a crash site. Refusal might lead to an outright license suspension for a long period of time. The first offense is punishable by a one year suspension. The next will be subject to two years of revocation while the third will merit three years. Non-cooperation will also be noted in the report which can be used against you once the case reaches the court. Abide by the law and extend full cooperation to minimize hassles and focus on productive tasks.

Evidence Gathering

For instance, be alert at the site and gather as much evidence as you can. This may be as simply as taking pictures of collision with a focus on how the vehicles are angled with relation to one another. Get images of the damages to your car as you can use this later on when filing claims. Do not just go home even if you appear uninjured. You might have an internal hemorrhage that requires medical attention. Go to the hospital for a checkup and make sure that all injuries sustained are documented. Obtain copies of the doctors’ findings as well as the bills to be paid.

Witnesses will also be crucial in the court case. While on the site, look around for possible eye witnesses and get their names. Save their contact details and ask them if they would be willing to testify about what they saw. Once you get a Sacramento car accident lawyer, have him or her talk to these witnesses in order to get their side of the story in writing. They should sign these affidavits and be briefed about what they should expect regarding the case. All of these should be done as quickly as possible while the event is fresh in their minds. The longer you wait, the more likely they are to forget pertinent details.

Insurance Claims

Every motorist in Sacramento should have insurance. It’s a matter of public safety. The state of California requires proof of liability insurance coverage before issuing a driver’s license. This ensures that any driver who causes an accident will have a source of funds to take responsibility for the resulting damages. This policy should comply with the minimum amounts prescribed by law at the very least for both personal injury and property damage. In case that these amounts are not enough, then the driver must provide the balance out of his own pockets. Some people voluntarily increase their coverage amounts as a safety precaution against such financial shocks.

Victims should get the insurance details of the at-fault driver at the crash site if possible. They can use these to file claims as soon as they are ready. They will need to call the company and report the incident. The agent will record the call and ask pertinent questions regarding the collision as well as other helpful information. Be careful about what you say as these can be used against you. A wrong answer might end up in a denial of the claims due to a technicality. Ask for guidance from a lawyer to avoid known pitfalls.

Damage Compensation

Remember that you have a finite amount of time to file a suit against the other motorist. If you are not able to get the papers to the court on time, then you will never be able to get compensation for damages through this avenue. Do not delay. It can be difficult if one or more victims are still in the hospital or suffering from the lingering effects of the accident but there are ways to go around these. Meet with an experienced lawyer who will be able to provide sage advice no matter what the situation might be. Do not wait for the deadline and let technicality deprive you of just compensation.

Get ready for a long and hard fight in court. In many cases, the fault is not clear-cut. It may be argued that both camps made errors of judgment that led to the collision. However, this is rarely (50-50). The job of the lawyers is to convince the judge that the other party has a much greater liability. All of the evidence gathered and the witnesses presented should point to this assertion. If the case is taking too long, the parties have the option of negotiating a settlement.

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